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Beautiful Wood Fencing

Wooden Privacy Fence and Gates

When it comes time to select fencing for your property, you may be overwhelmed by how many different types of wood fences and options there are to choose from. The decision ultimately comes down to two considerations.

  1. Form (stylistic considerations)

  2. Function (what practical purpose will the fencing serve)

Fortunately, with wood fencing, as with many Orlando fence selections, there is a happy unison between form and function. Due to the sheer amount of styles that are available, and the different types of wood, you can rest easy knowing that you will have the fence designed exactly to your expectations. In addition to the attractiveness, a wood fence is also a very durable material that can resist a lot of what mother nature has to offer. In Florida, it’s especially important that you get something that can withstand both heavy rains and high speed winds. While it’s not as durable as PVC, wood is an absolutely excellent material to make a fence out of. Whether you’re in the market for a fence because of privacy or protection, we’ve got you covered. Wood is capable of both keeping out noise and onlookers as well as keeping your pets and children safe while inside the confines of the fence.

In the list of materials you can build from, wood is a relatively inexpensive one, and you can do an entire property for less than you could with PVC. On top of that, it’s a very versatile material, and we can mold it into many different shapes and styles, so you will have the fence that your neighbors will be jealous of. Make sure that your home is going to be the talk of the town, and build up that curb appeal.

There are some considerations with wood that must be taken into account however. With Florida sun and rain, over time your fence will start to break down; nails may start to come apart from the boards, finish might start to peel, or boards might start to warp. Whatever the case may be, it’s always in your best interest to have your fence maintained regularly. The last thing you want is to have a fence breaking down right in front of your eyes.

Backyard Fence offers a full line of the most popular wood fences:

  • Shadow Box

  • Pressure treated fences

  • Post and rail fences

  • Side-by-side

  • Board-on-board

  • Lattice fencing

  • Cap and trim

  • Corbels

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Backyard Fence, Inc.

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