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Wood Fence, Aluminum Fence, Vinyl Fence & Chain Link

4 Types of Fencing to Choose From

Wood Fence

Wooden Privacy Fences are a favorite with homeowners for the variety of rustic to elegant styles available and for maximum privacy and security. Excellent for keeping outside noise away and pets and children inside, Wooden fences are an excellent choice for fencing.

  • Maximum Privacy

  • Many styles to choose from

  • Excellent Noise barrier


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PVC / Vinyl Fence

PVC fences come in many styles like wood but last longer and are more able to withstand high winds and are impervious to rot and decay. Excellent as a sound barrier and providing maximum privacy, PVC fencing is both durable and attractive making it a favorite among homeowners.

  • Long Lasting/Wind Resistant

  • Many styles to choose from

  • Excellent noise barrier


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Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fencing is the modern alternative to iron wrought fence from days gone by and is both beautiful and practical with almost no maintenance needed. Available in many ornamental styles aluminum fencing is a wise investment and enhances curb appeal for any home.

  • Elegant and Ornamental Styles

  • Weather resistant coating prevents rust

  • Enhances curb appeal


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Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is a very economical alternative providing a secure barrier and long-lasting durability with very little expense. Widely used for large lots, commercial, retail and backyards, chain link will provide a secure barrier for many years to come.

  • Low Cost

  • Durable woven steel construction

  • Easy to repair and maintain

  • Impervious to wind


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