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Wood Fences from $12.00 / ft.

slider1Wooden Privacy Fences are a favorite with homeowners for the variety of rustic to elegant styles available and for maximum privacy and security. Excellent for keeping outside noise away and pets and children inside, Wooden fences are an excellent choice for fencing.

  • Maximum Privacy
  • Cost per linear ft. from $12.00
  • Many styles to choose from
  • Excellent Noise barrier

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PVC Fences from $16.00 / ft

privacy-5PVC  fences come in many styles  like wood but last longer and are more able to withstand high winds and are impervious to rot and decay. Excellent as a sound barrier and providing maximum privacy, PVC fencing is both durable and attractive making it a favorite among homeowners .

  • Long Lasting/Wind Resistant
  • Costs from $16.00 per linear ft.
  • Many styles to choose from
  • Excellent noise barrier

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Aluminum Fences from $14.00 / ft.

aluminum-pic-3-150x150Aluminum fencing is the modern alternative to iron wrought fence from days gone by and is both beautiful and practical with almost no maintenance needed. Available in many ornamental styles aluminum fencing is a wise investment and enhances curb appeal for any home.

  • Elegant and Ornamental Styles
  • Cost per liner ft. from $14.00
  • Weather resistant coating prevents rust
  • Enhances curb appeal

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Chain Link Fences from $6.00 / ft

c3-1024x768Chain link fencing is a very economic alternative providing a secure barrier and long lasting durability with very little expense. Widely used for large lots, commercial, retail and backyards, chain link will provide a secure barrier for many years to come.

  • Low Cost, from $6.00 per linear foot
  • Durable woven steel construction
  • Easy to repair and maintain
  • Impervious to wind

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Backyard Fence installation crews are in-house residential fencing contractors, who are fully licensed and insured with workman’s compensation, general liability, and automotive insurance. Many other fence companies use sub-contractors who do not have any of this or only carry workman’s compensation exemption. This puts you at a huge risk in the event of that sub-contractor getting injured while on your property. Having in-house contractors for your residential fencing project will allow for maximum flexibility of scheduling, as well as providing you with the highest quality fence and installation job money can buy.

Benefits of a Residential Fence in Orlando

  • Child Safety

  • Protect Landscape

  • Define Property Boundaries

  • Privacy

  • Pet Control

  • Architectural Enhancement

  • Increase Property Value

Having a fence installed on your property has a lot more value than people realize. Generally, people come to us to install a fence because they want to beautify their home and add privacy. What these people don’t realize is that not only are they doing that, but they are adding to their property value, defining the boundaries of their property and creating a safer environment for their family as well as pets.

Child Safety: A pool area is a great example of how having a quality fence installed can save your child’s life. You cannot keep an eye on your children every second of the day, and a fenced in pool can mean all the difference when it comes to protecting your child from accidents that can lead to injury or death.

Protect Landscape: Whether you are trying to protect your home from pests or other people in your neighborhood, a quality fence will get the job done. We have a variety of residential fence styles that allows you to choose just how much protection you want, and at a price that fits your budget.

Define Property Boundaries: A privacy fence will allow you to not only clearly define where your property starts and where it ends, but will also keep other people and away.

Privacy: We offer privacy fences in a variety of materials to suit your vision and budget. A privacy fence will protect you from more than just curious neighbors, but also from burglars who want to see into your home.

Pet Control: A residential fence will help keep all of your animals in your yard. It is crucial to ensure you have the fence installed properly to ensure there are no spaces near the ground your small animals may be able to escape from.

Architectural Enhancement: A professionally installed residential fence can add style to your home. We have a variety of fencing styles and materials to help give you the fence of your dreams.

Increase Property Value: If you are ever planning on selling you home, a fence will increase your property value by more than what you will pay for the fence installation itself. Even if you plan on keeping your home forever, a fence will provide you priceless benefits.

Residential Fencing Experts

We have been doing residential fence installation for over 25 years, so it goes without saying that we are skilled in what we do. We always have the customer’s wants and needs on the forefront of our minds when we start any residential fence job. We know that you trust us to provide you with a fence that will last, and will stay beautiful for years to come.
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