Fence Maintenance

Maintaining your fence is important if you would like to keep it looking and functioning well for decades. Depending on the materials used for the installation, the maintenance associated will vary. Some fencing requires more maintenance than others, and this should be made clear in the initial estimate by the company you decide to hire.

Wood fence maintenance

A wooden fence is one of the most commonly installed on the market today. This is because they are generally speaking, pretty affordable, while still providing the distinct border, and quality that our customers expect. However, wood requires more maintenance than any other fencing material that we use.

After the first year of having the wood fence, it may start to warp or split as it dries. In 5-8 years it may start to lean, but should still be functional for anywhere from 10-15 years without much maintenance.

  • The best way to maintain your wooden fence is to treat it with a wood preservative twice a year. This works the same way as car wax—keeps out the elements that will quicken the aging process, like water.
  • Keeping sprinklers away from your fence is another good way to extend its life. If you can help it, install your sprinklers far enough away from the fence that they don’t soak it with water every time they go off.
  • Keep the fence free of vines and bushes. The less weight on your fence, the less it will have to hold up over the years, and ultimately the longer it will last.

Chain link fence maintenance

Chain link fence is generally pretty low maintenance, and low cost. This is appealing to many customers. While chain link does have its pros, it does not provide security, privacy, and is generally considered to be a less attractive fence.

Most chain linked fences are made of galvanized metals, this means it has been chemically treated to prevent rusting. This being said, the suggested maintenance on a chain link fence is to simply give it a good cleaning with soap and water once a year.

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Vinyl fence maintenance

When the topic of low maintenance fencing comes up, most people think of vinyl. This is because the maintenance on a vinyl fence is next to nothing. Just some casual cleaning with soap and water every now and then is all you will need to keep your fence sparkling like new. Since vinyl does not change color or lose its color, there is never a need to repaint, and you will never worry about rust. Additionally, there is no risk of termites as you might have with a traditional wooden fence.

Aluminum fence maintenance

Aluminum fencing is similarly very low maintenance. When properly finished, aluminum fences will keep their color, and resist rust indefinitely. The most popular color for residential applications is black, which will maintain a clean appearance year round.

Tips for General Fence Maintenance

  • Regular visual inspections
  • Wash with soap and water at least 2x year
  • Keep it free of debris

Like with any investment in your home, you want to ensure that whatever you put your money into will last. Regular visual inspections and cleaning will make just about any fence last longer than expected. While some fences require more maintenance than other, like a wood fence for example, your fencing contractor should inform you how to properly maintain any fence you purchase to ensure it lasts

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