backyard fence frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions section will help you learn more about the many varieties of fencing and also give you the information you need to make an informed decision about what type of fence you need.

What Styles Of Fencing Do You Offer?

We offer a variety of fencing styles to fit just about every need and preference. Some of our most popular styles are:

  • Wood- These come in a variety of different finishes and are the classic choice for many homeowners.
  • Aluminum- Generally used for commercial applications and larger homes, these fences are ornamental by design.
  • PVC – Also called vinyl privacy fencing, PVC is often chosen by homeowners who want privacy, and durability.
  • Chain Link – The most practical and cost effective option, chain link is often chosen for both residential and commercial applications.

How Long Does A Fence Last?

This is not a question that has a single answer. There are many factors that go into how long your fence may last including the material you choose, the local climate, soil conditions, and how well you maintain it. Generally speaking, if you have a quality fence installed, and you choose the best material for your needs, you can expect your fence to last 20+ years. Ask your contractor what you can do to properly maintain your fence in your situation, and what material they think is best suited for your applications.

Will I Need A Permit?

Laws change from zone to zone, but the majority of the time you will need a permit to put up a new fence or replace an existing fence. We will ensure that the process is taken care of before we start the fence installation process.

What Fences Require The Most Maintenance?

Generally speaking, all fences will need some sort of maintenance to extend their life. Wood fences often times require the most maintenance due to rot, and issues with termites. We suggest adding a protective coating to the wood 6 weeks after the installation to help combat this issue.

What Is The Best Fence For Privacy?

We offer Vinyl PVC fencing that will give absolute privacy. These are also your best bet for creating a safe and secure barrier around the perimeter of your property.

Will My Fence Hold Up In High Winds?

Living in Florida, this is a question we hear very often, and the answer is yes. We anchor our posts deep in the ground and use concrete to ensure that they stay in place even in high wind situations.

Is There A Height Limit?

Please consult your local building codes for an exact answer. Typically, 6ft high fences can be installed in your back yard, 3 – 4 ft high open space fences can be installed

in your front yard. Your building zone officials will be able to give you the exact answer to this.

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Will A Fence Effectively Keep My Dog In The Yard?

We get many calls from homeowners saying that their dog runs away often, or that they just got a new puppy so they need a fence. The ability of the fence to keep your dog in really boils down to your dog. Is he a jumper or a digger? The answer to these questions will play a key roll in determining what type of fence is needed in order to keep your dog in, and other animals out. A quality fencing company will always ask you these questions if animal control is your primary reason for requesting an estimate.

What Type Of Fence Is The Best?

Many times customers will tell us what type of fence they want. They want something beautiful like a wood fence, or the low maintenance of a vinyl fence, or the low price of the chain link. But more often than not, the type of fence that they want, is always the one that they need. Our professionals will come out to your property and survey that landscape, and give your our honest opinion of what fence will best suit your needs.

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