5 Tips For Choosing a Fencing Company

If you are a homeowner, your property is your biggest investment. It makes sense to want to keep it looking beautiful, and to protect it. Having a fence installed can be a huge undertaking and can turn into a headache if you choose the wrong company for the job. There are many things to look for, but you want to make sure you are taking these key factors into consideration. These 5 basic approaches will help protect you, your home, and your investment.

1. Do your research!

This should go without saying, and is easily the most important item on our list. There are hundreds of companies out there competing for your business. You want to be able to differentiate between the companies that have profits in the forefront of their minds, and those that put your best interests first. Online research of different fencing companies will often times be the most effective route to take. Looking at reviews, examples of their work, and key factors such as years of experience, and quality of products will all be things you will want to dive into. If you want to research deeper, we suggest also looking into the following:

  • When you call, do you get a generic answer, or is there an expert on the other end of that phone? Any professional will ensure that there will be a person to answer the phones, and also that that particular person knows their fair share about fencing and can answer all of your questions. If this isn’t the case, we suggest looking elsewhere.
  • The company should have a verifiable address. Many fly-by-night companies will not have a legitimate address associated with their business.
  • Always be sure to check if the company is listed on reputable sites like the Better Business Bureau. This is a free service to help aid customers like you trying to determine which professional to hire.

2. Red Flags to look out for

When you are in the market to make a large purchase such as a fence, you should be wary of anyone who raises these red flags.

  • Anyone who will require you to make an immediate decision probably has something to hide. A professional company will give you the information that you came to them for, and then let you make your own informed decision as to whether or not you want to hire them.
  • You should be wary of any contractor who only accepts cash or who strongly pressures you pay with cash. There are legitimate businesses out there that offer cash discounts, but this is not to be confused with someone who accepts cash only. A professional fencing company will accept a variety of payment types, and will let you choose which one you would like to use.
  • You should be entitled to an estimate. This is true for any industry. If you are not able to get an estimate for work, this is probably because the company plans on overcharging you, and you should run the opposite direction.

3. Planning

You should at least have a general idea of what you want. Before you start researching into any company, ensure that you know the following so you can be sure you choose the company that can help you get exactly what you want.

  • Approximately how much fencing do you think you will need?
  • What material do you have in mind?
  • What is your budget?
  • Get a basic idea for design; you can look at magazines or online. You should be able to provide this to the company of your choosing and if they have your best interests in mind, they will not hesitate to help you choose the best fence for the job.

4. Guarantees

Any company that will give a guarantee on their work has nothing to hide, and believes in the product they are selling. Many fencing companies have guarantees on their work, and depending on the materials used, even offer warranties.

Before you pull the trigger on anyone, ensure that you clearly understand exactly what their guarantees are, and what products are under warranty. This will protect you from scams and ensure you get a high quality fence installation.

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5. Establish a single contact person

On a project that will likely take place over the course of multiple days, you want to make sure you are on the same page with the company at all times. Make sure that the company that you decide to hire has some dedicated to your job. This will make it so that the project runs smoothly, and will delays less likely.

On larger jobs, there will often times be multiple people doing the work, find who is directly responsible in the event of any problems or questions that may arise.

With all of these tips in mind, you should feel comfortable choosing the best fencing contractor for the job.

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